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Brandon Hartshorn




You've found the webhome of Brandon Hartshorn. I rarely know what to write about myself, so you will perhaps be bored by this short bio. Of course no amount of words, let alone one webpage, could ever sum up an individual - but perhaps I can provide enough to let you decide whether to get to know me better.

Things I'm passionate about:

  • Linux

    It all started when some ahem*kid*ahem on Runescape said I could 'hack' the game if I 'learned linux'. Off to the bookstore for a Linux book! The in distro then seemed to be Mandrake Linux. I didn't manage to get a working disk for it, but a short time later I got my hands on an Ubuntu 6.04 through Canonical ShipIt. GRUB was rough back then, and didn't like the 'large' (very small by todays) HDD in the family computer, so when nothing booted after the installation, the computer was off to the local computer guy to get fixed, but I was already hooked.

    Today, I have only one computer still on Windows (gaming). Everything else has been Linux for years.

  • Environment

    According to family, I've been brainwashed by liberals to believe tiny little humans can destroy an entire planet. Well, there's over 7 billion of us, and if a tiny portion create as much waste as I do, yeah, we're in trouble. I do my best within the framework I exist, but I know it's not enough. It would be fantastic if I didn't have to fill a trash can with food packaging each week just to avoid starving.

  • Veganism

    In 2017, after watching several documentaries (re: the massive waste and pollution footprint of animal food products), I made the decision to cut all animal products from my diet. You may have heard of this as a "plant-based" diet - but that is a weight-loss and health fad, often followed for 3 months before the victim taps out. Eating a nutritious Vegan diet isn't hard, and it's getting easier every day; but it does require some up-front research, and a fundamental motivation to keep it up.

    As for the animal rights facet of Veganism, which I do recognize is the main facet - I find I have a hard time relating to the suffering of animals, as do most humans. We have been conditioned all our lives to view animals as food. I'm doing my best to rewrite that part of my psyche, and I think you should too.

  • Ethics in Technology

    This is a wide category full of meandering thoughts. First, surveillance and privacy.