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My first AUR package

So, this is probably not a huge deal, but I prepared and submitted an original new package to the AUR today. The process was a little esoteric, but the wiki page is straightforward if you read closely.

My new package is a simple alternative to the venerable less called les (no joke). I’ve been on the lookout for “new” versions of “old” system utilities, and this one is somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t have fancy auto-coloring capabilities; but does have tabs, a scrollbar, unicode, better searching and gooder keybinds. Give it a try! (it’s super easy to compile yourself if you aren’t on Arch, I’ve been using it a few days on MacOS also.)

You can find the source at and my AUR package (les-git) is over here!

Any recommendations on cool “new” system utility projects? Ping me over on Mastodon –