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I've been thinking about New Years resolutions lately. Normally, I'm skeptical enough about the concept that I just ignore the whole fiasco. Speaking of fiascos: 2020. This year has been awful in so many ways; I want to move on, and hope for a better go next year.

Through years of experience, I know that the commonly touted "specific, measurable goals" methodology does not work for my specific flavor of cognitive (dis)function. I was diagnosed with ADHD this year, and while I'm still discovering all my various related quirks, my inability to set and follow goals finally makes sense.

Rather than set some lofty specific goals and forget about them because numbers are tedious, I'm exploring some other options. A bit of research returns two methods: pick choose a general theme and start routines rather than resolutions.

With that in mind, I have two themes in mind: Creativity and Social Life


I've never considered myself a 'creative' person, but now I think that's a bit of a false dichotomy. People with ADHD are often considered to be creative - I want to explore that part of me. For me, the focus will be on creating - not being artistic. They tend to get lumped together despite being different concepts. People learn through creating, while art is perhaps a mastery of some form of creation.

First, I want to focus on becoming a better writer. Mostly short-form, blog post style articles, . Back in grade school, I was quite adept with grammar and vocabulary, but I had a dislike for actually putting words on paper. I don't know where that dislike came from, honestly, but I envy people who can write freely without difficulty (I'm already in over an hour on this post). The way to get better (and faster) at writing is by writing, so write I shall!


Aside from writing, I also want to create some digital art. The beautiful pixel art in games like Chrono Trigger are a great inspiration. I plan to use either TIC-80 or LÖVE to create some simple game this year. Bonus points if it's playable by my 4 year old (that's the way I like my games anyway.)

Social Life

Needless to say, covid has crushed my social life this year. It was in my plans to branch out, and due to a personal upheaval a few months in it became even more important. This is my second year in a new city, and I have only one person I consider a close friend. As with creativity, I've never been a 'social' person; but I've also never been this lonely.

Next year holds some major life changes for so I can't make specific plans for this theme. My general approach will be to join some local interest groups (read: meetups) and keep a focus on being a bit more approachable. I will attend online events for now, but I'm more excited to see human faces again!


Routines are hard for me to cement, but I see the utility and they do seem to work better for me than planning/scheduling. The video I link above explains how your brain can more easily begin preparing for the next stage of the day when it's part of a routine.

Thus I intend to find a time when the words most easily flow, and stick a bit of writing in to that spot. I may give #100DaysToOffload another shot with this time. Meetups usually have a recurring day of the month, so that's an easy win also. Fitting digital art will probably be the most difficult because as of now, I need to be feeling inspired to accomplish anything. In other words, plan TBA. ;)


These 'resolutions' are general themes that keep coming back over and over again. I don't even expect to make huge or excellent strides; I hope to make some noticeable progress. That's enough to make me happy.